Bests apps for pregnancy and parenthood

How lucky are we to have so many amazing apps at our fingertips. I've pulled together some of my favourites that I've used during pregnancy and while being a mum. ⁠

What to Expect

What to Expect tracks baby's growth and shows you what's happening in your pregnancy! ⁠


Honestly, if you're anything like my husband and I, naming our kids has been mission impossible! Kinder is basically Tinder for naming your child. It's a fun way to find names you both like. ⁠

Contraction Timer

Get this one ready so when it's all go you can easily track those contractions! ⁠


This one's a goodie when you're trying to track feeds and baby's sleep! Huckleberry also identifies sweet spots for baby's sleep. ⁠

Feed Safe NZ

Have you been waiting for that bubbles for a long 9 months? Feed Safe will help you work out when you can safely feed baby if you're keen to have a drink!